Your Lawyer’s Office. A Safe Space

Lawyer. Does that make you feel safe?

Just seeing or hearing the word ‘lawyer’, can be enough to disturb a full swarm of butterflies.  Tummy butterflies that is!

And that feeling, that worry, can keep people away from the door of a lawyer.  When perhaps, it could be one of the safest places to take their troubles.

After all, lawyers do serious, expensive and often upsetting work. So, if you don’t want your issue to become serious, expensive and upsetting, then best to stay away from the lawyers.

Sounds like good sense, doesn’t it.

Or does it?

Did you know, that a lawyer’s office can be one of the safest spaces in the world.  Truly.

In fact, everyone working in the office of a lawyer knows the rules and we know your information, your details, your story is safe. We just forget to tell everyone else!

Here’s that rule, minus the legal mumbo jumbo.

A lawyer’s office is like a cone of silence.  A vault. A safe space.

If you go to see a lawyer, what is exchanged between you is in the vault. Locked away from prying eyes and curious ears.  In fact, even the fact that you have been to see the lawyer, is in the vault.  

Safe between the 2 of you.

Unless you give your lawyer permission to let the information out.

So, if you have “stuff” going on, and you’re not sure whether you might need a lawyer, or you would like to know how it might play out, don’t wait.  

Go and use that safe space. Ask your questions.

Safe in the knowledge that it will stay, safe and sound, just between you and your lawyer.


Ps – Whenever there is a legal rule, you can be sure there is an exception.  Legal Professional Privilege (the mumbo jumbo name for the cone of silence) is no different.

This information is general in nature only.  Always get legal advice specific to your situation, before making any decision to take action or not take action about your legal issues.

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