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Speak your Truth, Make an Impact with Karly Nimmo

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Speak your Truth, Make an Impact with Karly Nimmo

Karly Nimmo is a voice over artist, podcaster and mentor, running her own podcasting school, Radcasters. Looking back, Karly can see that she has been an entrepeneur her whole life, always having a side gig and a bit of hustle going on. Karly has been through some ups and some downs, and she’s not afraid to talk about the dark days, which is such a gift for us all.

Karly and I talk about her finding her way back to herself from those dark days, and to me it seemed like she has adopted a philosophy of making commitments, often small to begin with, and acting on them. Our conversation covered life and business and work and family, and that our adult self is really just not that different than we were before “adulting”. I loved to hear Karly share that something she has become deeply grateful for, is the freedom to speak her truth (and ask the difficult questions), and know that will have an impact for others. Here’s to more of us learning to live with and like ourselves. x

In this episode we talk about Karly’s recent interview with Dan Norris on Karlosophies, click here to listen to it.

You can find Karly at To quote Karly “Stay Rad, Peace Out”.

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