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Why Family Law

Why do I practice as a Family Lawyer?

A personal note from Kathryn Hodges.

After years in practice as a family lawyer I realized that I was tired, disillusioned and passionately believed there must be better ways for families experiencing conflict to be supported and assisted. I was so convinced of it at first I could only see the flaws in the current system.

I came to believe that I had made a career mistake, and that it was time for me to move on.

Then one day, a dear friend gave me the gift of a new perspective. “Maybe, just maybe, you are meant to be there”. That one comment began a process that has allowed me to shift my focus from what wasn’t working, to what could work.

My WHY is very simple:

I practice as a family lawyer because I believe in a better tomorrow, for my clients, their families, my colleagues and the law.

There are 3 threads that weave together to give me a framework for HOW I do my work as a lawyer.

1. Connection.

My clients, the other party, their children and my colleagues are all so much more than the dispute that is brought to me. I remain mindful of our connection created from shared experiences the simplicity of our human connection with each other. I intend that my contact with the families I work with remains mindful of the opportunity for respectful and functional relationships in their futures. Their conflict will one day be a small piece of their life story. It is fresh and raw at the time that I am working with a family, and will not always be that way.

2. Search for Simplicity

The law uses traditions, practices and language that are not part of our everyday life. I search for ways to pull back those curtains of tradition, find the simplicity that is hidden there, and share that with others.

3. Hope and Curiosity

I believe that family life is important. Family disputes and separation issues will happen. I have a deeply embedded hope that we can learn to handle those things better. We can find ways that are respectful, authentic and human. It is important that we stay curious, looking for new and better ways, and being courageous enough to try them.

That is why I am in practice as a Family Lawyer. If any of that means anything to you, then I’d love to work with you.




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