Integrated Family Law Team

We’re everyday people who work hard to keep our legal advice clear and easy to understand. Please take a moment to find out who we are and if we are the right fit for you.

Who is Integrated Family Law?

Integrated Family Law is a small dedicated team on the Sunshine Coast helping people to the other side of Family Law issues. As part of everyday life, we also help people with Wills and Estate planning, Enduring Powers of Attorney and Advance Health Directives.

Our team is passionate about families, their wonder, and their imperfection. We have a keen interest in helping people through difficult changes. We all have been helped at some stage and in some way or another.

Sometimes life’s complex puzzle needs an outside professional to put the pieces in place. Conflict can create and sear deep scars on so many, so our intention is simple; to create the space to allow our clients to experience a respectful separation.

Kathryn Hodges

I have always thought that I just fell into the law. I remember loving school, working hard to get good grades, and then looking at the possible careers I could do with my marks and thinking “could I be lawyer?”. After an encouraging word from my Mum, I put Law Degree at QUT on my QTAC form and I entered a world I knew nothing about.

But, that question isn’t as random as my young self thought it was at the time. When I look back even further, I did public speaking events from a really young age, I loved helping other students learn things they didn’t understand yet, I enjoyed nerding it up on the Student Council, and I even did work experience at a law firm in my teens. Those combined callings to structure and rules, being able to speak clearly and explain difficult or new concepts and being willing to hold responsibilities have all served me well in my career as a lawyer.

I started my law degree at QUT straight after school, doing some part time law clerk work during my studies, and began working on the Sunshine Coast after I had completed my degree. I did 2 years of practical training as an articled clerk, before being admitted as a solicitor in February 1998.

I was drawn pretty quickly towards family law, finding myself to have a deep pot of empathy for those very real relationship and legal issues that exist in family law. The difficult issues of connection and disconnection, respect and disrespect, truth and perception, rules and flexibility. Working as a family lawyer gives me an opportunity to help others find their own path through these competing issues that show up so much in families going through separation.

I work really hard to try and explain the complex and competing issues that apply in Family Law matters as simply as possible. I have written a book, “Who gets the dog” as a straightforward guide to get through separation and the legal parts of that process.

To assist provide simple and cost effective solutions in family law matters, I have become a family law arbitrator as well.

Helping others through their time of need is the only reason I keep showing up to do this work, with both my mind and my heart. I am fortunate to be supported by my husband of 26 years and our four children aged from 21 to 12. I’m a better person when I remember to get myself to the mat for the Yoga classes that soothe my soul.

You can find a copy of my book “Who gets the dog” on our resources page.

Georgia Grice

I grew up in a small town in Central Queensland. I always worked hard at school and moved away to the Sunshine Coast to study in 2016. Looking back, that was such a big decision for a young person to make, and I’m really pleased that I did.

I enrolled in a law degree but wasn’t sure that working as a lawyer would be the career path for me until I did a family law placement at the Suncoast Community Legal Centre. I wanted to explore this feeling, so I did an internship at a family law firm. After those opportunities I knew that working in family law felt just right for me.

I have been working at Integrated Family Law as a law clerk while completing my degree. I have recently graduated with a Bachelor of Laws and a Gradate Diploma of Legal Practice, although because of Covid-19 I am among the cohort who missed having a graduation ceremony. What a shame – I love an opportunity to dress up and enjoy special moments. I have been admitted as a Solicitor and am honoured to have been able to join this profession.

At Integrated Family Law I am finding that there is not just “talk” about trying to settle things simply, but an honest and deep commitment to trying to avoid high conflict and letting matters run for a long time. I am so pleased to be part of a team where we are genuinely concerned with the overall wellbeing of the people we are looking after, and trying to help them see their matters resolved without resorting to going to Court.

I have experienced a significant loss in my family during my teens and have had some relationship breakdowns. Because of those experiences I know I can offer understanding that life sometimes throws us what feels like more than we can handle, but there is a way through, with understanding and a guiding hand.

When I am not working, I love spending time at the beach, enjoying road trips to visit my family, and having fun flexing my baking skills in the kitchen. I have loved moving to the Coast, and I am keen to put my roots down and build a house in the area soon.

Astra Reichman-Floyd

I work as the receptionist at Integrated Family Law, and so if you give us a call, it will probably be me who answers your call.

When I was just 18 my father passed away very suddenly. This was when I first experienced the impact sudden life changes like this can have and their links to the law and legal paperwork. I had no previous experience with the sort of paperwork or decisions involved. I very quickly needed to understand estate administration obligations and was required to making decisions that could potentially effect not only my life but others in my family.

These experiences have driven home, for me, that the world of family law and estate work has a tangible and meaningful impact on everyday lives. I realized that if we can be part of someone’s empowering, knowledgeable and understanding support network, we can make an important contribution to their mental, emotional and financial survival.

I feel truly lucky to be able to have a small hand in helping others going through their own difficult times. I do everything I can to keep behind things smoothly, and support the Integrated Family Law team behind the scenes.

Outside of work, I enjoy reading and expanding my knowledge of different art mediums as a creative (and stress relieving) outlet. I also love spending time with my family and friends.