About Integrated Family Law

We’re everyday people who work hard to keep our legal advice clear and easy to understand.

Integrated Family Law is a small, dedicated team on the Sunshine Coast helping people to the other side of Family Law issues. We specialise in helping people go through separation as quickly as possible, and we work hard to keep families out of courtrooms.

We’re known for being real people, not just more lawyers in suits.

We have created a clear 5-step process that takes people who are contemplating separation from the brink of potential disaster, through a respectful separation process, achieved out of court.

When our clients leave us, they don’t feel like they’ve been lawyered; instead they feel supported, empowered and ready to begin the next chapter of their lives.

We implement that process using three consistent strategies:

  • We keep things simple. We translate law-speak into manageable, easy-to-understand pieces. When we link our clients with other advisors as needed, we stay in touch with those advisors, so our clients aren’t doing the heavy lifting.
  • We work with our clients to see their former partner as part of the process, which allows our families to pull through without too much struggle.
  • We offer fixed-fee options. That way, our clients can get the best from us as advisors without fear of running up a huge bill. It also means that we’re all working hard to get things settled smoothly and quickly.
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Kathryn Hodges

Kathryn Hodges

Principal Lawyer

I have always thought that I just fell into the law. I remember loving school and working hard to get good grades and not really knowing what to do at uni.

With the benefit of hindsight, I can see that life as a lawyer is not as random as my young self thought at the time. I did public speaking events from a really young age, I loved helping other students learn things they didn’t understand yet, and I enjoyed nerding it up on the Student Council. I even did work experience at a law firm in my teens. Those combined callings to structure and rules, being able to speak clearly and explain difficult concepts and being willing to hold responsibilities have all served me well in my career as a lawyer.

I started my law degree at QUT straight after school, doing some part-time law clerk work during my studies, and began working on the Sunshine Coast after I had completed my degree. I did 2 years of practical training as an articled clerk, before being admitted as a solicitor in February 1998.

I was drawn pretty quickly towards family law, finding myself to have a deep pot of empathy for those experiencing very real relationship, family and legal issues. The difficult issues of connection and disconnection, respect and disrespect, truth and perception, rules and flexibility show up in family life time and time again. Working as a family lawyer gives me an opportunity to help others find their own path through these competing issues after separation.

I work really hard to keep things simple, even the complex and competing issues that apply in Family Law matters. I have written a book, “Who Gets The Dog” as a straightforward guide to getting through separation and the legal parts of that process.

I have seen over the years just how important it is for people to get through their uncertainties, not to get stuck in point scoring, and instead o focus on getting things resolved. So that I can help even more people find simple and cost-effective solutions for their family law matters, I have become a family law arbitrator, mediator and family dispute resolution practitioner as well.

Helping others through their time of need is the reason I keep showing up to do this work, with both my mind and my heart. I am fortunate to be supported by my husband of 28 years and our four children aged from 22 to 14. I’m a better person when I make time for my garden and my yoga mat.

You can find a copy of my book “Who gets the dog” on our resources page.



I have lived on the Sunshine Coast for almost all of my adult life and love it here. We had the very classic experience of only planning to come for a little while and deciding it was where we wanted to live and raise our family.

In my business support role for Integrated Family Law I’m doing my best to ensure the gears of the business mesh flawlessly. I enjoy having a varied role and dealing with a range of business-related responsibilities.

Beyond my professional role, my proudest accomplishment is being a father to four remarkable children, who inspire me every day.

An avid sports enthusiast, I love watching sport (mainly NRL) as well as maintaining a healthy lifestyle by a commitment to fitness activities. I have enjoyed martial arts training throughout my life and am currently moving my way towards my black belt. It serves as both a physical and mental anchor in my life, teaching me discipline and focus.

I also enjoy old cars. I once owned a 1979 V8 Pontiac Trans Am and enjoyed driving a piece of automotive history for a while. While I cherish the charm of old cars and they turn my head every time, I still love the modern features and benefits that more modern cars have as standard.



I am a dedicated administrative professional contributing to the success of IFL.

Residing on the Sunshine Coast with my partner, I share my home with two feline companions and over 100 houseplants, my days off are usually spent tending to my ever-growing collection of succulents and tropical plants.

My previous experience in tourism and the hospitality industry has provided me with interactions that have polished my interpersonal skills, adaptability, and communication.

With a dedicated ability in clerical efficiency and customer service, I specialize in organizational support for both clients and the legal team, ensuring smooth operations within the company.