Integrated Family Law | Welcome to the Gratitude Path Podcast with Kathryn Hodges
Gratitude Path Podcast with Kathryn Hodges
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The Gratitude Path Podcast

gratitude path podcast with kathryn hodges

The Gratitude Path Podcast


Kathryn Hodges shares how she went from a full time worrier, to daily gratitude scanner. As a human with a tendency towards the serious, a leaning towards long term planning and a lawyer who was trained to look for risks and what could go wrong, her life became one long worry grind. In desperation, she reached for a gratitude journal, and slowly transformed her view of the world.

She believes that gratitude, or the lack of it, is at the centre of our daily experience.

This was expressed much more eloquently by the Roman philosopher and lawyer, Marcus Cicero, when he wrote ”

“Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all others”.

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