Integrated Family Law | Fear or Love. Which emotions are driving you? Amanda Foy
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Fear or Love. Which emotions are driving you? Amanda Foy

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Fear or Love. Which emotions are driving you? Amanda Foy

Amanda Foy is the Emotional Strength Trainer, who helps people heal when life is testing their limits. Amanda and I talk about her spiritual journey beginning in her teens, before corporate life took her away for a while. But in 2006 she began what she calls “the work”, and now she is back, helping people to put their physical and our emotional selves together.

We discussed the importance of remember the multifaceted components of our lives, and to remember that we are structural, chemical and emotional beings. We need to care for and nurture all 3 parts of ourselves. Unlike some other alternative health practitioners, Amanda does not shy away from traditional medical research or practices, and looks for ways for her emotional work to align with them. We talked about the tricky nature of “the truth”, our truth, and the impact it can have on others, and to be aware that consequences will flow when we speak our truth. A simple but profound piece of this conversation, for me, was the reminder that there are 2 primary emotional responses to anything – one based in fear, the other based in love.

Let’s go for more love in the world. x

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