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Child Support

Child Support- What is it?

Child Support is administered largely as a bureaucratic system, rather than a Court based system in Australia. It is a system designed to ensure that children are financially supported by both of their parents, regardless of how much time they might spend with either of their parents.
It is administered by the Child Support Agency, and there are strong links between Centrelink and the Australian Taxation Office and the Child Support Agency.
There is a very complicated formula that has been developed to work out the child support payable for any child whose parents are separated. This formula takes into account taxable income, and time spent with each parent.

How do we get child support underway?

Simply contact the Child Support Agency and make an application. Any parent who receives a benefit from Centrelink will be required to do this.

What is a private Child Support Agreement?

It is possible to agree either on a set rate or other payments that can be accepted as child support. However, Centrelink will continue to make payments as if the assessable amount of child support is being received. This means, that for some families, even if they want to, they cannot afford to come to a private arrangement.
A private Child Support Agreement is something that you should always get detailed and specific legal advice about. The implications can be significant for both the

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