Family Law

Family Law is the system that exists within the law to help people resolve the legal aspects that come about in relation to family and relationship breakdown.

Family Law – The Basics

It is a reality for many that our adult relationships do not last for our whole lives. After 25 years of being involved with families as one relationship ends, or perhaps another is beginning, we have learned that there is no one single approach for everyone. For some families, separation is an extraordinarily difficult transition. For others, it is a respectful and yet strained time, and for some families, it is quite simply a time to focus on safety.

You can feel comforted by the fact that we are committed to assisting you and your family come through this time as quickly as possible, steered towards a better future.

The law for separated families is governed by the Family Law Act 1975. The Family Law Act is a piece of legislation continually under review.

We are used to a legal world in which the landscape is constantly changing. You focus on yourself, your changes, and your family, and we will worry about the law and its ever-present evolution!

Early advice is always the best! We are quite comfortable to meet with you for some initial analysis and information, even if it is well before you want to do anything. In fact, we will not allow you to engage our services until the time is right.

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Separation & Divorce

When your relationship breaks down, you will need to know where you stand, your entitlements, and all your options.

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Parenting Arrangements

We help you understand and establish effective parenting arrangements that prioritise the best interests of your children.

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Property Settlements

We help you navigate the intricacies of property division to achieve a fair outcome.

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