Back to Real Life

Christmas and New Year celebrations are over.

If your home is like mine, there may be a bit of this action going on today.

Real life can sometimes be tough to face.

Christmas wraps everything in tinsel and sparkles, and asks us to set aside real life, and focus on family and love and joy and peace.

I don’t know about you though, but my everyday life is sometimes less about family and love and joy and peace, and more about grinding through the everyday of real life.

Real life often feels far more like hard work, and (eternal) housework, and family conflict and juggling my needs with those I love.

And that hard thing, that thing that was giving you grief before Christmas, it is likely to appear when the tinsel disappears.

Begin preparing now.

Look after yourself first.

Move your body.

Still your mind.

Find your support team.

Then lean in to 2015.

You ready to join me, back in Real Life?

I am just running away for one more afternoon of tinsel life, then I’ll be back.

Just like you. Looking 2015 in the face, taking a deep breath, and saying “Game On!”.

Understanding You,


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