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Don’t Fight Yourself – Your Path will Find You

gratitude path podcast with kathryn hodges

Don’t Fight Yourself – Your Path will Find You

Adam Jaffrey is a Freelance Digital Marketing Strategist, and the host of MATEpodcast, a podcast about Marketing, Advertising, Technology and Entrepreneurship.

The honest truth, is that I was a little bit scared about talking with Adam, because Digital Marketing, Advertising and Technology are all words that make me break out in emotional hives! Adam and I had a genuinely interesting conversation about him not wanting to follow the system and wanting to be able to “rock the boat” a bit in life. In fact, he hopes not to just rock one boat, but hopefully to rock a lot of boats in his lifetime. He knew from an early age that he wanted to be a millionaire, and for him that meant to have a life that was different from the ordinary. Adam loves podcasting and what we spoke about off air, was how much he enjoys the conversations with people. And I think that really showed through in our chat.

I particularly loved that Adam put into words something that I truly believe – you don’t have to fight yourself! And that truth that you don’t need to choose your path, it will find you. I agree wholeheartedly with that. I was truly grateful that Adam was willing to have a chat about “adulting”, making our way through grown up life, and the reality that life is probably 50% admin. How true is that. And he melted my heart a bit, when he spoke about what he had been grateful for recently, the 10 year anniversary surprise he managed to arrange for himself and his girlfriend.

I hope that Adam can help you stop fighting yourself, and that some of his wisdom around self awareness, helps you to see the path that life is drawing you to walk.

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